1. Hotel Tariffs Rs. 7,500 and above GST at 18%.

2. Hotel Tariffs Rs. 1,000 upto 7,500 GST at 12%.

3. Hotel Tariffs below Rs. 1,000 GST at Nil rate.

4. Outside Catering GST rate reduced at 5%.

5. Diamond Job-work GST rate reduced at 1.5% and Other Job-work GST rate reduced to 12% from 18%.

6. Council amended rules regarding Refund by Appellate Authority.

7. Council amended rules regarding GST Practitioners and Consumer Welfare Fund.

8. Cups/Plates made from Flowers leaves GST rate Nil from 5%.

9. GST Annual Returns GSTR-9, 9A Optional for those with turnover upto 2cr for FY 17-18 & 18-19.

10. Those with turnover above 2cr to still file GSTR9.

11. No relief in case of GSTR-9C as it’s applicable only where turnover exceeds 2cr.

12. GSTR-9 also to be made “Saral”.

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